Cinterion modems

Giacinto Cifelli gciofono at
Fri Mar 20 08:46:05 UTC 2020

Dear ModemManager community,

I would like to add some Cinterion/Gemalto/Thales modems in
ModemManager, and I have some questions:
- first of all, if code from the modem vendors are welcome
- is there a procedure to submit commits? I see that on the gitlab
page there are some pull requests. Is it enough to create an account
and do a pull request?
- is there a preferred or forbidden way to code for some behaviors?
   . To be more specific, if a modem supports both AT and QMI
interfaces, is there a community preference that would override the
vendor one? For the Cinterion modems, so far, the vendor supports AT
commands, even if the QMI interface is sometimes available.
   . Some modems support AT+MBIM, and should be used at the same time.
Is this acceptable for the ModemManager community?

One additional topic: building the source code, I spent some time
checking a build error, and found out that xsltproc was not installed
on my machine, but no direct error was produced.
For problems like this, a simple patch in the like the following:
+AS_IF([test x"$XSLTPROC_CHECK" != x"yes"], [AC_MSG_ERROR([Please
install xsltproc before configuring.])])
My questions are: is there a fast way to submit a simple patch like
this or needs a pull request? Should such a patch also have a matching

Kind Regards,
Giacinto Cifelli

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