ANN: ModemManager 1.14.6

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Wed Oct 14 13:11:25 UTC 2020

Hey hey,

This is the third bugfix release in the ModemManager 1.14.x series.

It is a small update w.r.t. 1.14.4, fixing issues related to missing GError initializations. The main fix that makes this release really needed is one in the QMI modems facility locks loading logic (in the 1.14 branch only), because the GError is easily used in that case (when DMS UIM commands aren't supported).

Overview of changes in ModemManager 1.14.6

 * QMI:
   ** Fix missing GError initialization.

 * plugins:
   ** xmm: fix missing GError initialization.
   ** cinterion: fix missing GError initialization.
   ** simtech: fix missing GError initialization.


About ModemManager:

Download here:

Verify it:
    $ sha256sum ModemManager-1.14.6.tar.xz 
    783d5da925b2ca69f6233fcead691dd0f5cba06aa479d71495efdc07053fc0fd  ModemManager-1.14.6.tar.xz

Please report bugs either to:
    modemmanager-devel at

Or to gitlab:


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