Dealing with 'pdp-type-ipv4-only-allowed' errors on MBIM

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Sep 7 18:25:38 UTC 2020


> > How about this?
> >
> Looks like that will work.  My laptop modem is a bit busy at the moment,
> so I haven't tested yet.  Too many APNs to reconnect, and too little
> support for multiplexed sessions in MM ;-)  Will test later.

Thanks. We're open for patches to support hose multiplexed sessions in MM BTW :D

> Only wondering if this should depend on status != MBIM_STATUS_ERROR_NONE
> instead of activation_state?  Or are there situations where we get
> MBIM_STATUS_ERROR_NONE with activation_state != activated in response to
> a connect request?

I really don't know.

There's an special handling of MBIM_STATUS_ERROR_FAILURE in which case
we do parse the response in order to get a better nw_error, but other
than that, I would assume that ERROR_NONE is always returned whenever
the context is activated.

So, yeah, it's possible that checking for ERROR_NONE is enough, but
given that we were given the activation state as output I figured we
could use that as well. At the end we do want to be activated at this
point and if we aren't that would be an issue.


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