ModemManager 1.14.2 Setup - undefined symbol: mm_bearer_stats_get_failed_attempts​

Federico Murciano Federico.Murciano at
Mon Sep 21 15:16:58 UTC 2020

Hi everyone,

I am using two 5G Modems for a project that I need to set up. I managed to have a connection with them using the ModemManager package but it seems that only versions above 1.14 are supporting 5G features so I decided to install them. I installed the following from source in that order:




I tried to install ModemManager with and without --prefix=/usr as I saw in another post but I still didn´t manage to make it work. When I write in terminal ModemManager I get the following message:

ModemManager: symbol lookup error: ModemManager: undefined symbol: mm_bearer_stats_get_failed_attempts

Before that I also got a message when I execute ModemManager that said /usr/lib/ could not be find in that directory. I copied that files in the /usr/lib directory and then I got the  mm_bearer_stats_get_failed_attempts​ error.

If someone could give me a hand on how to come forward with this it would be really appreciated.

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