Will modem inhibition truly release MBIM port ?

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at aleksander.es
Tue Sep 22 08:38:22 UTC 2020


> Hey  Bjørn and Aleksander,
> Thanks !
> I tested the Bjørn's patch and it works fine
> I attached the log for the first 5 transactions.
> Is the result as expected?

Looks like it's ok, Transaction ID is stuck at 4 for all fragments of
the sequence until the last one, then bumps to 5 for the next request
with more fragments.

I still need to improve the debug logging so that we don't attempt to
print contents if current fragment > 0, but that's a minor thing.
I may also update the debug logging so that if data is too long (like
4096 in this case here) we don't print the whole buffer in hex, just
e.g. some first 512 bytes or something like that.


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