Location of rmnet setup

Michał Mazur mkm at semihalf.com
Thu Sep 24 08:50:03 UTC 2020


I'm working on the setup of a rmnet device for QRTR node and would like to
create a new file mm-kernel-device-rmnet.c in src/kerneldevice. Support for
the QRTR kernel device subclass will be in
Setup function would be called from mm-base-manager.c when new QRTR node is
detected and just before calling mm_kernel_device_qrtr_new.
Will it be a good place for the file?

Location of wip changes:

Another question: how can I test if rmnetctl library is available when
pkg-config cannot find it in search path?
I tried to use PKG_CHECK_MODULES like for QMI but librmnetctl doesn't have
a .pc file:
        PKG_CHECK_MODULES(QRTR, rmnetctl, [have_rmnet=yes],[have_rmnet=no])

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