5G connection establishment

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In the US, EN-DC NSA will be the transition to SA 5G. I thought MM
already supports this mode. Also, I believe the carrier (at least T-
Mobile here) is requiring a new SIM to be provisioned.

On Mon, 2020-09-28 at 18:57 +0000, Federico Murciano wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> After I managed to set my Quectel 5G Modem to the status connected and being able to ping extern websites, I could see in the access technology field that it is connected to LTE. I am using ModemManager 1.14.2 (5G available) and I could see in the modes field that 5G should be the first option:
> Modes field: allowed 3g 4g 5g, preferred 5G
> We do have 5G coverage in our office so it should not be a problem to connect to that network. Is there a way to explicitly indicate the modem that it should connect to the 5G network? Or is it possible to connect it to two networks using ModemManager, LTE + 5G, ?aplying 5G EN-DC as described in https://www.rfwireless-world.com/Terminology/What-is-5G-EN-DC-Dual-Connectivity.html
> Thanks in advance,
> Best regards,
> Federico Murciano
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