How to submit a patch to ModemManager?

Elias Rudberg mail at
Fri Apr 16 10:25:02 UTC 2021

Hello Aleksander,

> There's nothing written, we should do that at some point...
> Here's some suggestions:
> [...]

Thanks for this. Now as I think you already noticed, Clayton Craft 
created the merge request instead of me. Unfortunately he was not aware 
of the suggestions you wrote here, I'm sorry if you had to repeat some 
of this advice in the merge request comments. Anyway, the changes in 
that merge request are the same things that I had in mind. Thanks for 
answering so quickly about that merge request.

> I'll try to cleanup all this in a document to publish on the website.

That would be great for the future. Thanks again for your help!

/ Elias

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