ANN: ModemManager 1.16.4 released

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Wed Apr 21 09:53:41 UTC 2021

Hey hey,

This is the second bugfix release in the 1.16.x series, built from the mm-1-16 branch.

ModemManager 1.16.4

  * Fix build when using libgudev < 232, which is when autoptr support was introduced in the GUdev* types. We'll keep the 1.16.x branch depending on libgudev 147, and only bump the requirement in git master.

  * This version comes with an overall rework of the charset encoding handling inside the ModemManager daemon, which was already available in git master for some time and has been proved to be very useful.
    ** The charset conversion is now strict, except for a few cases where we would try to do our best (e.g. operator name normalization).
    ** The charset methods are cleaned up, with clear distinction between the ones that allow NUL-finished C strings and the ones that may have valid embedded NUL bytes.
    ** The //TRANSLIT extension is completely avoided, as not all implementations out there have it (e.g. unavailable in musl libc), and we now use g_convert_with_fallback() instead where appropriate.

  * Modem interface:
    ** Fixed crash triggered when attempting to update lock info on an already removed DBus skeleton.

  * Time interface:
    ** Fixed invalid memory read when loading network timezone fails.

  * Base bearer:
    ** Ignored forced disconnections after some time unregistered when PPP is being used, so that we don't end up hijacking the TTY while pppd is using it.

  * Kernel device:
    ** Fix segfault when processing event for non-existing port.

  * QMI:
    ** Fixed allowed modes setup when using the "Acquisition Order Preference" TLV in the "NAS System Selection Preference" messages. 3GPP+3GPP2 multimode devices like the MC73xx series were affected.

  * libmm-glib:
    ** Fixed comparison of 'allowed auth' and 'rm protocol' settings in bearer properties.

  * Plugins:
    ** cinterion: allow '*' in Prov/Cfg response.
    ** cinterion: fixed several FALSE returns without GError set.
    ** quectel: ignore +QGPSURC URCs.

  * Several other minor improvements and fixes.


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     $ sha256sum ModemManager-1.16.4.tar.xz
     167e60b26fa05887f87a0b3fb54143d7845e6e4d8c2f2dd93afac059f41e7edf  ModemManager-1.16.4.tar.xz
     $ gpg --verify ModemManager-1.16.4.tar.xz.asc ModemManager-1.16.4.tar.xz

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