problems with QMI dual stack connections from MM - works with qmicli

Bjørn Mork bjorn at
Sat Apr 24 09:22:27 UTC 2021

Aleksander Morgado <aleksander at> writes:

> Nice! Thanks for fixing that.
> I've also updated your MR in gitlab with an additional fix to handle
> the proper WDS client allocation in the different muxed bearers; which
> was a huge oversight... I'll have to start testing the multi pdn setup
> with 2 IPv4 contexts instead of one IPv4 and the other IPv6 :D

Thanks, but I'm afraid I've fooled both myself and you here...

Right now it looks like these changes broke something that was working
before (connecting multiple muxed bearers), to fix something that maybe
wasn't broken (dual-stack).

I have been over and tested this several times now, really, really
making sure that I do a clean build and actuall run what I believe I run
etc.  And I just cannot make multiple bearers work anymore at commit

  26243e7ed788 ("bearer-qmi: reorder methods in connection state machine")

Attaching the full debug log as mm-26243e7ed788.log

And it did sort of work before I messed with it after commit

   f17095045187 ("port-qmi: fix WITH_QRTR check")

Attaching the full debug log as mm-f17095045187.log

In addition to making sure the build is clean, I've also rebooted from a
clean state making sure the logs were captured from the very first
modemmanger run after the was modem reset and the host booted.

I cannot explain this. But I did take some shortcuts yesterday evening,
which might explain the issues I was having them,  although I got
consistent results over several tests. I did not always reset the modem
between the tests. I should know better.


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