Quectel EG25-G modem + eUICC

Teijo Kinnunen teijo.kinnunen at uros.com
Fri Apr 30 06:11:40 UTC 2021

Hi Juan,

On 29.4.2021 21.39, Juan A. Rubio wrote:

> We are building a system with a Quectel EG25-G modem + eUICC with the
> following stack:
> Network Manager to v1.20.4,
> ModemManager to v1.10.0,
> libqmi to 1.24.4,
> libmbim to v1.20.4
> 1ot appear to have verified that the EG25-G supports eUICCs (they
> tested with their own 1oT eSIM)
> https://1ot.mobi/connectivity/esim/tech-overview#own-carrier
> Perhaps it's a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone in the list
> knows of any known issues with the mentioned hw setup that would
> recommend upgrading to newer versions of MM or any of the above
> software packages.

I have a little experience on the subject, as I have tested eSIMS on
EG25-G. They look like ordinary SIMs, so things mostly just work.

The main issue is that if the eSIM profile is switched while MM is
running, older MM versions cannot detect and handle it (it shall be
handled as SIM hot swap, which is logically equivalent even though the
SIM is not physically removed).

In MM 1.14 there's preliminary support that works with EG25-G, based
on an undocumented URC on the AT port. MM 1.16 has a more complete and
robust implementation that uses QMI Refresh or Slot Status indications
and works with a larger set of modems. Both ways should work with the


- Teijo

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