Support for the Linux WWAN subsystem

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Sun Aug 29 13:36:28 UTC 2021

Hey Ramon,

> I was wondering if there is any plan to add some level of integration
> between ModemManager and wwan_hwsim (e.g. expose interfaces created by
> wwan_hwsim (
> to ModemManager - not sure if this is the right approach though).

Is that wwan_hwsim integration to be able to create fake modems in
userspace that are exposed via the new WWAN subsystem? If so, wouldn't
they already be supported by the current ModemManager, which supports
the new WWAN subsystem?

> I recently added wwan_hwsim to Mininet-WiFi
> (
> (even though I still can't use it as I intend) and I think I could
> emulate LTE/5G with

Please correct me if I'm wrong; openairinterface5g allows you to
simulate/implement the radio and 3GPP protocol side of a UE. But there
is no AT/QMI/MBIM control protocol implemented in openairinterface5g,
or is there?

> Nowadays I can successfully use mac80211_hwsim and mac802154_hwsim for
> WiFi and IEEE 802.15.4, respectively, and it would be really great to
> have wwan_hwsim working with some level of integration with user space
> tools such as ModemManager.

That would be very interesting indeed.


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