Support for the Linux WWAN subsystem

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Aug 30 12:13:49 UTC 2021

Hey Ramon,

> > Also, which ports are exposed in the system? Just the wwan control
> > port, or do you also have a NET port as well for the same fake device?
> > MM requires both things.
> As far as I understood I have the NET port.
> $ sudo modprobe wwan_hwsim
> $ ls /sys/class/wwan/
> $ wwan0  wwan0at0  wwan0at1  wwan1  wwan1at0  wwan1at1

Those "wwan0" and "wwan1" are the "full devices", they're not the NET
ports, as far as I know (may be mistaken though). Do you see any NET
port listed in "ip link"? Does the hwsim driver somehow register a net
port associated to those exposed control ports?

I'll try to play with all that at some point :)


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