Consultation about QMI CID Leaks

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Mon Dec 20 14:51:05 UTC 2021


> I have met some issues about QMI CID leaks when using Quectel's modem with modem manager, and luckily I found some comments about the exactly some issue on the Mail Archive.(Re: QMI CID leaks (
> In this post, it is said that "it looks like this could be fixed most easily in qmi-proxy. I will post a patch candidate for review/merging to libqmi project soon..." But we have investigated the latest version of MM, it seems that this issue remained unfixed.

That specific issue was fixed in commit
16383670dcb471d6a5b802a9cca1e2a24eb86de5, already released in libqmi

> So I wonder whether this issue have been fixed by your team. If it is, can you please share with us the correct version to use(maybe we have used the wrong version). Or do you have any suggestion to solve this issue? We will appreciate a lot if you can kindly share with us.

Your issue has probably nothing to do with the issue you referenced.
Please open a new issue in gitlab:
And explain exactly what is happening in your setup, which versions of
libqmi and MM you're using, and how to reproduce the problem, if any
specific way. Please provide debug logs of both qmi-proxy and
ModemManager, see


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