SIM Switching using mmcli

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Wed Jan 6 07:48:05 UTC 2021

Hey Jessy & Nick

>> I would like to add support for SIM switching to ModemManager.proto for OpenWrt, but the only way to achieve this currently (AFAIK) is by using qmicli --sim-switch-slot. I have it working by calling qmicli, but is it possible to do it without depending on qmicli?  If not, would there there be any plans to make it possible to select the SIM slot via mmcli?
> There are others here who can give better answers, but I have interest in supporting sim switching in ModemManager, and I am awake, so I will try to contribute.

I would suggest you try to build and install ModemManager git
master... because it already has support for Multi-SIM Single-Standby
via the QMI UIM Switch Slot (where supported). E.g. you can right now
use this feature already with Sierra MC/EM7455 or EM7565 and such
easily. Here's the MR from some months ago:

I have in my TODO list the support for Multi-SIM Multi-Standby
required e.g. in several phones using postmarketos.


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