please help me to understand whats is going on, connected byt ping -I wwan0 is not woprking no network istead.

Mateusz Lamparski test at
Fri Jan 29 11:47:12 UTC 2021

Hm, its realy hard to do that having basic knowledgr about the system , 
no kwonledge about modemanager and mmcli,

should work is not working.
so its a bug ?

W dniu 2021-01-29 12:18, Aleksander Morgado napisał(a):
> Hey,
> If you want to upload the log privately, please open a new gitlab
> issue that is "Confidential" and upload the log there. Only
> ModemManager maintainers will be able to see that log, and that means
> probably me only really... Otherwise, you need to review the log
> manually, remove any private information from it, and then send it to
> the mailing list for every one to see.
> I cannot provide personal support to everyone. If you push the log to
> the mailing list other people will also be able to review and help,
> not just me.
> I don't have much free time to do this.
> Also, please, invest some time yourself to investigate a bit about all
> this. You cannot just send emails to the mailing list saying "help me"
> or such, you need to invest time yourself, investigate, and then ask
> concise questions. Not just "help me". We're a bunch of people helping
> other people, please make us easy to help you, by showing interest
> yourself on the investigation first. :)
> On Fri, Jan 29, 2021 at 12:09 PM Mateusz Lamparski <test at> 
> wrote:
>> this is debug log,
>> please understand me to upload private
>> --
>> _________________
>> Mateusz Lamparski
>> Toruńska 2
>> 87-200 Wąbrzeźno
>> mob. 504-345-118
>> +++++++++++++++++

Mateusz Lamparski
Toruńska 2
87-200 Wąbrzeźno
mob. 504-345-118

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