please help me to understand whats is going on, connected byt ping -I wwan0 is not woprking no network istead.

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Fri Jan 29 14:11:16 UTC 2021


> > > Alexsander already gave you the link, fill an issue in gitlab (
> > >
> > > ) and check the tickbox saying "This issue is confidential and
> > > should only be visible to team members with at least Reporter
> > > access."
> >
> > Wrong link :) This is the one:
> >
> >
> > @Thomas Haller any reason why there's a ModemManager repo fork under
> > the NetworkManager group umbrella? Looks like it may bring confusion
> >
> Hi,
> No strong reason, except that NetworkManager community member (rightly)
> don't have push permission to ModemManager, so in the past we could
> push a branch to NetworkManager/ModemManager and open a merge-request
> from there. It seems a common thing to do. See also NetworkManager's
> github site ([1]) which also has forks of various other projects.

Oh, that's because you all still use the upstream NetworkManager repo
for your personal branches, right? E.g. you don't usually do per-user
forks of the upstream repo for the core devs. So you as a group would
push to your MM fork in the same way as any other person would push to
their own personal forks. That's understandable I guess. In MM
upstream repo I did a full cleanup of all personal branches we had
there, so that any time a user forks the repo, they get a fully clean
repo (master plus stable branches only) without the personal garb..
branches of the core devs.

BTW, I believe you're the only core NM dev who doesn't have push
rights to the upstream MM repo :) I'm going to add you right away, but
if pushing merge requests to review, please don't use the upstream
repo itself, your your personal fork or the fork in the NetworkManager


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