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Sun Jan 31 17:16:47 UTC 2021

Hi Aleksander,

> You disabled suspend/resume monitoring, so MM wouldn't know when to> reload the incoming text messages, if that's something we should be
> doing. Is the host awaken when the new SMS arrives, even if MM 
> doesn't re-read the full list of SMS? Or is the host not even awaken
> in this case?

The host is resuming when the QMI indication is coming in.
The EG25-G modem has an option to cache AT URCs which is leveraged by
the eg25-manager. As this doesn't exist for QMI, these indications are
lost as ModemManager is not fully operational yet when the host is

> I assume this merge request goes in line of trying to fix this, 
> right?

> I replied there some comments about the approach taken; in short, I
> don't think we should blindly replace the whole WMS based logic to 
> use the AT based SMS management in all Quectel modems, that's a bit
> overkill :D

Yes, it's overkill :) my main goal was to get it working and then get
feedback to see how this can be fixed properly :D

> I think we need to understand why, in the case of suspend/resume 
> cycle and using only QMI, we're not receiving and processing the WMS
> indications properly:
> * As said above, does the host even awake when the SMS arrives and
> we're using QMI?
> * Is it any different (host awaking) when using AT?
> * Or is it that when using AT the URCs are queued in the modem and
> once the host is awake later on we end up reading them correctly? And
> if so, why is this not happening in the same way with QMI?

* The host is still in it's resuming phase when the QMI indication
comes in.
* AT URCs are cached by the modem until the host is fully resumed. This
is controlled by the eg25-manager.

Kind regards,
Dylan Van Assche
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