Modem reset in mPLS62-w?

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Wed Jul 7 09:54:00 UTC 2021


> the classic:
>     AT+CFUN=1,1
> the question, however, would be why do you want to reboot the modem?

It's part of some autorecovery mechanism for the data connection.

> It looks like you want to update the FW, but Thales offers its own
> method, and so not what is delivered by the chipset manufacturer.

No, not updating the firmware. The MBIM modem object in MM uses the
Intel Firmware Update service just because it has the "modem reboot"
command, and at least in Sierra Wireless branded Intel-based modules,
this would nicely trigger a clean reset. If we cannot use that in the
Cinterion module, we should provide a fallback subclassed method using


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