ModemManager[178]: <warn> Reloading stats failed: Couldn't get packet statistics: QMI protocol error (15): 'OutOfCall'

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Jul 27 13:21:40 UTC 2021


> thanks for your fast response. I've upgraded to V1.16.8.

Nice! Please try to gather as much info as possible during those
disconnections, and let us know if you can still experience the
OutOfCall errors.

> I also found the ID_MM_QMI_CONNECTION_STATUS_POLLING_ENABLE property. Would you recommend enabling it (aka are there interesting side-effects to expect)? If yes, is it possible to enable/disable this feature during runtime or shall i patch 77-mm-quectel-port-types.rules (we are using Quectel EC21)?

enabled for modems that don't emit WDS indications. I think I've only
found a couple of devices that need that, all the others should rely
on the WDS indications normally. If your debugging shows that you're
not receiving and processing the WDS indications properly, you may
need to add it (as a udev tag, you cannot enable/disable in runtime).


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