ModemManager[178]: <warn> Reloading stats failed: Couldn't get packet statistics: QMI protocol error (15): 'OutOfCall'

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Jul 27 14:15:59 UTC 2021


> would it hurt to enable the ID_MM_QMI_CONNECTION_STATUS_POLLING_ENABLE property?

It would be just redundant. If WDS indications are processed
correctly, the polling wouldn't be strictly necessary. I believe it
should be safe to enable it if you don't care much about power
consumption (if you're running on battery, this unnecessary polling
would consume more than required).

> These are mobile devices integrated in vehicles that belong to the cusomer of a customer which makes debugging rather painful . So i prefer to add some test even though they might not be necessary...

I see.

> In case you are interested in a device with an i.MX7d and a Quectel EC21 for testing/development purposes please let me know.

I'm doing testing with all my WWAN modules these days preparing for
1.18, and I'm missing a lot of Quectel modules that I see are widely
used. I wouldn't mind a EC21 module, truth be told.


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