Release plans (How are You ?)

Stacy Harper contact at
Wed Jun 9 09:51:20 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

This is a direct followup of the issue 387 "How are you ? :3"
Sorry to create the issue. I was not aware of this mailing list :D

So to recapt the topic :

We still have a very annoying issue in sxmo but probably in other pmOses
in the last releases with SMS that are dropped and not fetched after
crust. I'm pretty much sure the issue #356 find it source from this

I got a builded version of mm in my device based on a master ref from
some months ago and I dont have the issue anymore. I still dunno which
patch is needed but I think that any release would eventually solve the
issue for all of us.

We'd like to know when you expect or hope to release again. It would
help us to plan for futures releases too.

Thanks a lot for your answers !

Stacy from Sxmo

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