Authentication: unspecified with Vodafone SIM

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Wed Mar 24 08:48:50 UTC 2021

> For our proprietary modemcontroller we had the solution to provide the PDP authentication information also in the first memory location, for which no APN was stored either.
> So i tried to set initial bearer settings, but without success:
> mmcli -m 1 --3gpp-set-initial-eps-bearer-settings=',ip-type=ipv4,allowed-auth=pap,user=myUser,password=myPasswd‘
> error: couldn't set initial EPS bearer properties: 'GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Error.Core.Unsupported: LTE attach configuration is unsupported'

If that MBIM operation is not supported by your module, then you can
always fallback to what you were already doing with AT commands; i.e.
set the auth settings for PDP context #1 (or #0?) using whatever AT
commands you were using before. E.g. you could disable the modem, put
it in low-power mode (so that it's unregistered from the network) and
then use mmcli --command="AT+whatever" for that, and then enable the

Anyway, we could always improve the Telit plugin to do this properly,
i.e. if the MBIM operation is detected as unsupported, switch to
AT-based configuration of the initial profile, as we do e.g. in
Cinterion plugin.


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