NetworkManager using ModemManagers simple interface limitation?

Norbert van Bolhuis norbert.vanbolhuis at
Tue Mar 30 20:42:56 UTC 2021


We're using ModemManager via NetworkManager.
It looks like this means the "simple" interface (MMIfaceModemSimple) is used
This causes a connection to be setup in a simple way, e.g. via
enable (mm_base_modem_enable) and register 

I'd like to properly define PDP Context ID 1 (with AT+CGDCONT). The code
to do this is there (in cid_selection_3gpp_initialize_context), but this is
part of the "bearer" interface connect/connect_3gpp method.

I wonder how to make use of the cid_selection_3gpp_initialize_context code
somehow from NM, or if that's not possible somehow with mmcli.

How do I make sure "AT+CGDCONT" is done in our case (NM + MM)?


Norbert van Bolhuis

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