SIM Card PIN Change Timeout (MM 1.18.2)

Amol Lad Amol.Lad at
Mon Nov 8 10:36:46 UTC 2021

# mmcli -i 1 --change-pin=0000 --pin=1234
error: couldn't change PIN code in the SIM: 'Timeout was reached'

# mmcli -m 0 --command=AT+CPIN?
response: '+CPIN: SIM PIN'

So looks like modem is 'really' locked. Btw, which part of debug log showed modem went in searching?

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> Same problem is observed with Telit LN920 also so I don't this it's a firmware error.

They're both Qualcomm modules, it may be an issue in the generic Qualcomm firmware implementation. I wouldn't think manufacturers touch the MBIM protocol handling much.

> Also, please note that modem is still "locked" after changing the SIM-PIN while locked. Please see below. So it seems changing SIM-PIN when modem is locked does not unlock the modem but PIN is successfully changed.
> # mmcli -m 0
>   -----------------------------
>   General  |              path: /org/freedesktop/ModemManager1/Modem/0
>            |         device id: a4c570e8767a7f8ff295ad3ddf51293b18b8103a
>   -----------------------------
>   Hardware |      manufacturer: Telit Wireless Solutions
>            |             model: LN920
>            | firmware revision: SDX12.LE.1.0-00085-NBOOT.NEFS.
>            |    carrier config: default
>            |      h/w revision: LN920A12-WW
>            |         supported: gsm-umts, lte
>            |           current: gsm-umts, lte
>            |      equipment id: 354175759991310
>   -----------------------------
>   System   |            device: /sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:internal-regs/f10f0000.usb3/usb2/2-1
>            |           drivers: cdc_mbim, option1
>            |            plugin: telit
>            |      primary port: cdc-wdm0
>            |             ports: cdc-wdm0 (mbim), ttyUSB0 (ignored), ttyUSB1 (gps),
>            |                    ttyUSB2 (at), ttyUSB3 (at), ttyUSB4 (ignored), wwan0 (net)
>   -----------------------------
>   Status   |              lock: sim-pin
>            |    unlock retries: sim-pin (3)
>            |             state: locked

I would say that the "locked" report here after you changed the SIM-PIN is wrong. We're still saying "locked" because we failed to process the "Subscriber Ready Status" query correctly (as the modem kept returning "Failure"), but the modem switched to "Searching"
state, at least per the MBIM indications in your original debug log.


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