No SIM Slot Paths

Bushman, Jeff jbushman at
Mon Nov 15 22:51:57 UTC 2021

I'm just getting started with interfacing with the ModemManager via mm-glib. I am experimenting with the synchronous SIM slot APIs, and they don't seem to work.
I am running ModemManager 1.18.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 with a Sierra Wireless MC7455-based USB modem running in MBIM mode and an AT&T SIM.

If I call mm_modem_get_sim_path() I do get the primary (only) SIM path back.

If I call mm_modem_get_sim_slot_paths(), I get an empty array back (the first element is NULL).
If I call mm_modem_get_primary_sim_slot(), I get an answer of 0, although the documentation implies the answer should be [1..N]
If I call mm_modem_list_sim_slots_sync(), I get an empty (len = 0) array back with no error message.

Should I expect these APIs to work? I'm very new to glib and D-Bus programming, so debugging tips are very welcome.

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