How to check if the APN supports IPv6

Juan A. Rubio jarubio2001 at
Mon Nov 22 15:51:51 UTC 2021

Hi all,

I'm trying to check if my APN supports IPv6. I'm using MM 1.16.10 with
the SIMCOM SIM7600G-H.

mmcli -m 0 shows this:
 IP       |               supported: ipv4, ipv6, ipv4v6

and mmcli -m 0 -b 0 shows this:
Properties         |            apn: myapn
                     |        roaming: allowed
                     |        ip type: ipv4v6
                     |           user: ""
                     |       password: ""

There is this line in MM debug logs:
[modem0/bearer0] verbose call end reason (2,210): [internal]

Does this mean that the APN does not support IPv6?

Thanks in advance

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