SMS ModemManager functionality

Aleksander Morgado aleksander at
Tue Apr 26 08:04:08 UTC 2022


> We're have mechanism to send a SMS using ModemManager APIs. I was sending SMS from ModemManager but the receiving end not receiving it. Everything looked good; no error reported. Finally, the issue was the network operator had SMS feature disabled for the SIM card I was using. Thus, no SMS was delivered to the receiver.
> So is there a way to detect if SMS is enabled or disabled by the network operator? We can then find a way to integrate it in MM so appropriate error can be reported if user tries to send SMS when SMS service is disabled by network operator.

Don't know of any such thing, maybe someone else knows.
It's weird that you don't even get an error in the send operation,
that would have been reported by MM back to the user.


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