messaging-list-sms issue

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Thu Apr 28 08:20:56 UTC 2022

Yes, definitely!

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> There seems a small issue in "mmcli -m 0 --messaging-list-sms -K" reporting (in MM 1.18.6). When the number of SMS is >= 100 then closing square bracket for the message index is missing in the output as shown below (see index 100 and above, closing square bracket is missing). Please advise how this can be addressed.

Ouch! please open a new Issue in gitlab to track this problem.

The problem is in dump_output_list_keyvalue(), where this logic exists:

    if (n > 0) {
        key_length += ((strlen (KEY_ARRAY_VALUE_SUFFIX)) + 3);
        if (n > 10)

That is extremely buggy, whoever wrote that should be punished! :)

Instead of checking for n > 10, it should have done something like:
  while ((aux /= 10) > 0)

If you're up to fixing and testing that, please open a MR :)


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