Inhibit example

Tom Isaacson tom.isaacson at
Fri Nov 18 02:37:27 UTC 2022

I've got an existing application that uses AT commands to setup a
modem then qmicli to setup the data connection. For various reasons
I'm trying to move to use ModemManager instead. My problem is that in
order to keep the AT commands for setup I need to stop ModemManager
for a bit.

A previous email here said you can use the inhibit function but I'm
having trouble figuring out how to use mm_manager_inhibit_device()
because there are too many layers in the code. For instance, it takes
a MManager pointer that comes from mmcli_get_modem_sync() but that's
not in mm-glib. Is there a relatively simple example that shows how to
do an inhibit/uninhibit so we can do setup?


Tom Isaacson

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