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Thu Oct 6 18:38:20 UTC 2022


I'm trying to configure a SIMCOM7070G modem to work with

I've observed there is already a plugin and some support, but unless I'm
mistaken, it looks like the current support expects this modem to be
connected via USB (4 ports provided by usb: AT cmds, data, gnss, etc).

My problem is I'm using it in a board where the modem is NOT connected to
the CPU via USB: The regular UART (UART1) provided by the modem is used.

So far, I already have some signals of life:

1. MODEM is detected by ModemManager as Generic GSM modem: I added the
following rule to /etc/udev/rules.d/ and works fine:

ACTION!="add|change|move|bind", GOTO="mm_whitelist_end"

2. I Added a gsm connection to set the APN: (
I can see in ModemManager logs how it exchanges a lot of AT commands, etc
to finally launch PPP. And this is where I'm stuck.
After ppp gets launched, if I check the status of the connection using
nmcli I can see it is "getting ip address" and stays like that forever.

I'm attaching the whole log of ModemManager (debug mode). Not sure what I'm
missing/doing wrong.

Taking into account I want to establish a CAT-M, could somebody please help
me with the configuration?

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