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> > I'm trying to configure a SIMCOM7070G modem to work with
> ModemManager/NetworkManager.
> >
> > I've observed there is already a plugin and some support, but unless I'm
> mistaken, it looks like the current support expects this modem to be
> connected via USB (4 ports provided by usb: AT cmds, data, gnss, etc).
> Only AT cmd and data (2 ports) are needed as a minimum.
> > My problem is I'm using it in a board where the modem is NOT connected
> to the CPU via USB: The regular UART (UART1) provided by the modem is used.
> When you run PPP over UART1, it is not available for AT commands
> (breaking data stream is not really an option).
> You need another port for controlling a modem.

Yes, I'm aware of this. But afaik it should be possible to simply send
initial commands and then switch to ppp in the same port, and from reading
the pdf I understand this should be doable.
I understand once the connection is established you cannot send AT commands
but I don't care about that.

> > Taking into account I want to establish a CAT-M, could somebody please
> help me with the configuration?
> To configure a modem to connect to LTE Cat-M1 without GSM/Cat-NB use
> AT+CNMP=38 and AT+CMNB=1
How to instruct modemmanager to do this while handshaking with the modem?

> Alexey
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