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> On Fri, Oct 7, 2022 at 9:39 AM Jorge Solla <jorgesolla at> wrote:
> >> > Taking into account I want to establish a CAT-M, could somebody
> please help me with the configuration?
> >> To configure a modem to connect to LTE Cat-M1 without GSM/Cat-NB use
> >> AT+CNMP=38 and AT+CMNB=1
> >
> > How to instruct modemmanager to do this while handshaking with the modem?
> It depends on your system design. You could pre-configure modem for
> all required settings or dynamically set one or another settings via
> mmcli or your application.
> However I can't say if MM would be happy to deal with one serial-data port.

My plan was to "extend" existing simcom plugins to support 1-port mode. But
I don't know if this is a crazy idea or not.
Seems like MM is not very un-happy about the idea as (if you check the logs
I attached on the 1st post) it looks like is launching ppp after the set of
AT commands gets delivered while considering the modem a Generic GSM device.

Using the typical ppp + chat script I managed to connect and get an IP on
the ppp0 interface, is just I would like to do it using ModemManager.

Different problem I forgot to mention in my initial post is: The modem
requires to set a GPIO pin ON / OFF for a few seconds to be enabled: Is MM
providing any kind of hook to insert calls to user utilities before the
attempting the connection?

Anyway, thank you very much for your help :)
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