ModemManager and MQTT messages over DBUS

Aleksander Morgado aleksandermj at
Mon Apr 24 10:53:03 UTC 2023

Hey Mohamed,

> I am using a Quectel EC21 modem, connected to an imx6ul soc via usb (UART is also available), everything works fine and I have connectivity without issues.
> So my usecase is putting both the cpu and the modem, and I am able to do that, but the wakeup should be from a remote MQTT message coming from my server which will wakeup the modem first, that in turn wakeup the cpu using the RI pin.


> I have played around with this and it is only possible if I use the modem's MQTT stack, as it will maintain the TCP connection even in sleep mode. I am configuring the MQTT endpoint using AT commands (through mmcli --commands).

This makes sense.

> The problem is that I am not able to receive the messages when subscribing to a topic, even though I know the message arrived (I can see the raw data when putting modemmanager in Debug mode).
> So my question is, is it possible to receive the MQTT URCs (+QMTRECV for example) over DBUS so that my application could handle them after wakeup, and if not what path should I follow ?

So the MQTT notifications are reported via AT URCs to the host. You
could extend one ModemManager interface to expose a new signal that
would emit the contents of the received URC, and then you would need
to modify the quectel plugin to match the +QMTRECV URC with a custom
regex. An example of this would be e.g. the processing of the ^MODE
URCs in the Huawei plugin, see how the "mode_regex" variable is setup
and how the URC contents are processed in the "huawei_mode_changed()"
callback. Once the contents are processed, the plugin calls the
mm_iface_modem_update_access_technologies() method, that ends up
updating a DBus property with

> Note:  I tried probing the USB AT interface for incoming URCs but I wasn't able to receive them, probably because modemmanager is concurrently using it as well ?

Yes, you should not use a TTY port that is in use by ModemManager.


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