Restrict Operator Selection

Attie Grande attie.grande at
Tue Feb 7 14:12:01 UTC 2023

Hi all,

We have some devices in far away locations, using roaming IoT-focused SIM cards.
In some situations we find that modems will roam to very expensive
networks, when a cheaper alternative is available in that area.

Is there an interface to set the operator MCC / MNC via `mmcli`?
The AT command would be `AT+COPS=1,2,${MCCMNC}`, but you can't issue
AT commands unless debug mode is enabled.

>From the documentation, I'm not convinced
`--3gpp-register-in-operator=MCCMNC` is what I'm after...
i.e: does it do the equivalent of above? ... is it a "one-time
request" or even a "try manual, fallback on auto".
If this is indeed what I'm after, but it needs to be issued
periodically, then that's fine.
Equally, if it's persistent, how would we cancel this? (reboot / power
cycle the modem?)

Many thanks,

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