Add script handling on modem detection

Florian Eckert fe at
Wed Jul 12 08:49:31 UTC 2023

Hello Enrico,

> I have a question regarding this - is MM actually the correct place to
> implement differenty dispatcher script calls?
> Wouldn't it be better to build an external application monitoring
> different aspects and invoking scripts with the relevant informations?

 From my point of view, that would make sense. There are many other 
such as signal strength changes or location information updates that 
not be handled easily with out NetworkManager.

Since I work on OpenWrt, I don't have a NetworkManager like I have on 
Linux systems. In my opinion, it makes sense to build an event handler 
reacts to dbus events from the ModemManager and then calls dispatcher 
How this works exactly would have to be discussed.

Best regards


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