SIM Application toolkit commands

Aleksander Morgado aleksandermj at
Tue May 9 09:20:43 UTC 2023


> The Twilio Super SIM will send a Proactive Command NAA Initialization and Full File Change Notification to the terminal on the IMSI change. Some modems, like the Quectel BG95 or EC25 will send a URC if
> +QUSIM: 1
> if it is a USIM and
> +QUSIM: 0
> if it's a regular SIM
> no idea about other modems however.

You mean the +QUSIM URC is sent to the host whenever the Full File
Change Notification is received by the terminal on the IMSI change?
i.e. no need to STK supported by the host in this case, right?

> I can arrange to get you a SIM for testing if needed as this is an area I'm interested in as well. I can also provide a SIMtrace2 pcap (or raw APDUs if preferred) capture of the communications between the terminal and the SIM if that would be helpful.

How do you instruct the SIM to switch IMSI?


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