Is there a version of modemmanager that works with Debian9 stretch for dual sim?

Aleksander Morgado aleksandermj at
Thu May 25 08:16:41 UTC 2023


> I would like to compile mmcli on arm stretch. Apt package manager has 1.6.4 however when it comes to reading the sim cards, it only reads one. I know on Debian 11 1.18.6 does read two sim cards with no issues, but before I go on this journey of compiling how can I tell which version was the earliest to support dual sim, and does anyone know if one can be compiled in debian 9?

Dual SIM support was introduced in 1.18.0 for MBIM modems and 1.16.0
for QMI modems.

MM 1.18.0 requires glib2 >= 2.56.0 and gudev >= 232.
MM 1.16.0 requires glib2 >= 2.48.0 and gudev >= 147.

Not sure what glib2 and gudev versions you have available in Debian Stretch.



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