Assistance Needed with SIM Card Issue Causing QMI Operation Failures

Daniel Edwards daniel.edwards at
Thu Feb 1 16:48:07 UTC 2024


I'm reaching out to seek guidance regarding an issue I've been experiencing
with ModemManager, specifically related to certain SIM cards causing QMI
operation failures, which ultimately leads to the modem being marked as

To give you a brief overview, the modem still responds to AT commands and
shows that it's connected and registered to the correct home network, but
the modem will not show in mmcli -L, and the device will stay unconnected.
With other SIMs it will work fine.

The modem is a SIM7600G.

Here is a log with --debug enabled

Sometimes the problematic SIM will work and connect the device to the
internet, but I have not found a way to reliably recreate this scenario.


Daniel Edwards
Q Yachts Oy

Technical Engineer
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