[Networkmanager] dns-priority ignored

Michael Traxler M.Traxler at gsi.de
Thu Dec 15 11:34:28 UTC 2022

I use on many OpenSuse Tumbleweed machines two network cards with their own
VLAN and their separate DHCP- and DNS-servers and have a common problem in all
systems (over a longer time now).

The order of the DNS-servers of the two VLANs in /etc/resolv.conf is changing
and in the end is arbitrary.

I tried everything from the manual, so changing the dns-priority to different
values, even using

$ nmcli connection modify internal_VLAN ipv4.dns-priority -100

and keeping the other interface at positive 100 doesn't change the outcome,
that the resulting order of DNS-entries in /etc/resolv.conf is changing from
restart to restart of the network
for example by calling
$ systemctl restart NetworkManager.service

Is there something I overlooked in the manual?

I don't see how I can reach the point, that the result is constant and
retrieved from the DHCP-servers.

The only workaround for me:
ipv4.ignore-auto-dns yes

and setting the dns to a fixed string.

Any hints?



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