[Networkmanager] Howto add 802-1x settings for all new ethernet connections

John Doe jdoe53851 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 10:00:49 UTC 2023

We're currently looking into requiring 802-1x for all wired ethernet
We have a large number of Linux clients. Mostly slim laptops that don't
have an ethernet adapter. These connect to the wired network using docking
stations or usb to ethernet adapters. All Linux clients are deployed using
PXE boot to deploy the company image.
Problem is during the deploy process there's of course only the adapter
used for the deploy availbale on the client. I can get the 802-1x settings
added for this adapter as part of the deploy.
But then I'm out of control. I can't control NetworkManager to setup 802-1x
for the connection created by NetworkManager when the user connects to a
docking station. Yes, unfortunately it creates a new wired connection. It
doesn't use the existing one.
I've looked into setting up connection settings in NetworkManager.conf.
Unfortunately it only supports the 802-1x.auth-timeout setting.
I've tried using a pre-up dispatcher script, unfortunately it don't pick up
on adding settings to the connection profile.
I've tried using 2 pre-created connection profiles that only list the type
as ethernet and don't point to a specific interface. This works for Ubuntu
20.04 and 22.04 but not 18.04, nmcli in Ubuntu 18.04 requires specifying
ifname when creating a connection profile.
Is there some way to hook into NetworkManager whenever it picks up a new
device and add the 802-1x settings for all new wired connection profiles?

Best regards
J Doe
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