[Networkmanager] macsec - place inside the stack of ifaces ?

lejeczek peljasz at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jun 3 09:17:21 UTC 2023

Hi guys.

Looking at macsec I've only started - so go easy on me with 
possibly trivial questions -  and write here in hope, that 
some of you have expertise to tell...

Having a bond device which is a slave to a bridge -> where 
must MACSEC go in order to - if feasible in NM at all that 
is - secure all the traffic going via the physical device(s)?

Just to make it clear - though probably obvious - all 
traffic, say kernel VMs which use such bare-metal host's 
bridge iface for communication out/in of the host.

All & any thoughts shared are much appreciated.
many thanks, L.

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