[Networkmanager] NetworkManager 1.32 DBus API change lead to Qt5 network detection issue

ValdikSS iam at valdikss.org.ru
Mon Jun 19 14:21:01 UTC 2023


Letting you know that the DBus API change [0] introduced in version 1.32 
made connection detection in Qt5 unreliable.
Many Qt software is not able to detect internet connectivity after this 
change, which usually results in non-working network access in the 
application after the suspend/resume cycle for most users.

Some examples:

It took me almost 2 years to debug and understand the core reason of the 
issue. The original blog post states:

 > These signals are now dropped. There are no known users of this D-Bus 

Well, sometimes there are, unfortunately.


[0] https://networkmanager.dev/blog/networkmanager-1-32/
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