[Networkmanager] CSME integration - rollback

Emmanuel Grumbach egrumbach at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 13:13:40 UTC 2023


In the thread below, I kicked off an activity to integrate the CSME flows
with NetworkManager.
There is a lengthy explanation about those flows in that thread.
Unfortunately, I couldn't complete the implementation in a reasonable
time frame and Intel is now focusing on a solution that involves the kernel
only and does not rely on the NetworkManager. The motivation for that
second solution is that it requires integration with fewer components
despite being a bit hacky.
Intel may come back to the NetworkManager solution if it faces issues in
the kernel-only solution, but we can't know when this will happen if at all.

This is why I sent a patch to remove all the code added as part of that
activity to avoid keeping dead code.

Thank you!

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Emmanuel Grumbach
egrumbach at gmail.com
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