[Networkmanager] nic sub-interface

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Mon May 8 13:36:38 UTC 2023

I am trying to configure my intel nuc network with a bridge for use in qemu/libvirt/virtmanager.

The virtual manager info I read seems to suggest that I will lose connectivity if I add my nic (eno1) into the bridge. I 
do observe that. The recommendation is to use a sub interface eg eno1.1, but I cannot find a way to create the right 
setup with nmcli. Currently I have a router that's configured to assign a specific ip address to the nic mac address. I 
tried using a static address for eno1 device, but my efforts have failed to have both the bridge and a useful connection.

Is ther some way to set up a sub-interface with NM?
Robin Becker

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