[Nice] Various questions related to the api

Kai.Vehmanen at nokia.com Kai.Vehmanen at nokia.com
Thu Nov 15 09:58:59 PST 2007


On 15 Nov 2007,  Dafydd Harries wrote:
>> So I haven't touched add_remote_candidate() (same API as in main 
>> branch), but added set_remote_candidates() (sufficient API to 
>> implemented IETF-ICE).
>I don't really understand this part. Does IETF-ICE require 
>that all remote candidates are set at the same time for some reason?

the whole spec is written so that one agents sends an offer and 
the other replies. So you always get a set of remote candidates in 
an offer/answer.

I didn't want to change the API to be based around this idea (as
I know that in jingle you have the dribble mode), but for setting 
the remote candidates it seems you need different APIs for
dribble and for offer/answer-transaction.

It _might_ be possible to write an IETF-ICE compliant implementation
with just add_candidate() (so same API for dribble and IETF-ICE),
but due to the way spec was written, it was easier to at
least start with set_remote_candidates(). But having a unified
API seems tricky as the IETF-ICE agent needs to know which added 
remote candidates are part of the same offer/answer...

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