[Nice] fullmode branch updated to IETF-ICE ID-19

Kai.Vehmanen at nokia.com Kai.Vehmanen at nokia.com
Mon Nov 19 09:45:38 PST 2007

Hi all, 

I've just pushed a set of patches from Rémi and me which
update the fullmode branch to the latest IETF ICE spec 
revision (ID-19). The changes are quite small, but otherwise
this update to ID-19 is pretty significant as ID-19 [1] was finally 
approved by IESG [2], so further changes to the spec are unlikely.

The up-to-date branch is available both from
 - http://monkey.collabora.co.uk/nice-fullmode/ .. and
 - http://people.collabora.co.uk/~kvehmane/nice/

Additionally, libnice/fm-branch was tested at the SIPit interoperability
testing event in Beijing China [3] a couple of weeks ago.
I now pushed some fixes to bugs found at the event. 

Aside the current API discussion, one big issue is handling
early connectivity checks (before the answer is received, as
documented in sect 7.2 of the ICE spec). The current code now 
has a workaround, which is still able to establish connectivity 
(and works with other ICE implementations), but is somewhat slower 
(and is against a MUST in the spec). I'll continue to work on 
a solution to this issue (I already wrote a dedicated unit test
for this and committed it to the branch).

[1] http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-mmusic-ice-19
[2] http://www.mail-archive.com/ietf-announce@ietf.org/msg04243.html
[3] https://www.sipit.net/Main_Page

first.surname at nokia.com (Kai Vehmanen)

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