[Nice] New API and refactor

Kai.Vehmanen at nokia.com Kai.Vehmanen at nokia.com
Thu May 15 08:53:39 PDT 2008


On 14 May 2008,  Youness Alaoui wrote:
>My first step now in making libnice 'nicer' will be to fix the 
>repository by removing all those files that have nothing to do 
>there... example :
>conncheck.h shouldn't be there

yep, go ahead. That was a merge accident (the file is not in my local
work tree, so I screwed the merge somewow).

>there are some vi/emacs temporary files in the repository 
>there are some Makefile files in the repository (not .am)

Those must be from the darcs-git export as there are no
such files in the darcs tree.

>Remi, if you have anything to suggest, please do so now. I 
>also wanted to ask you what the stunbdc program was for ? is 
>it just another misplaced test ? or does it actually need to 

That's a interactive test client for the binding discovery
STUN usage (see stunbdc -h). It's a useful tool, but not
part of the library (nor test suite).

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