[Nice] Making sense of it all...

Tony Di Croce dicroce at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 20:05:17 PDT 2010

> >> I would expect, then, to see a way to provide
> >> that information to libnice, so that the two clients can begin
> >> negotiating the best connection method...
> >libnice is the one that will do the STUN requests, so you don't need to do
> it
> >yourself, and you don't need to give the result to libnice.
> >All you need to do is set the 'stun-server' and 'stun-server-port'
> properties on
> >the NiceAgent object :
> >http://nice.freedesktop.org/libnice/NiceAgent.html#NiceAgent--stun-server
> >Then libnice will do the STUN mechanism when you call the
> >nice_agent_gather_candidates() method

Ok, so I can use nice_agent_get_local_candidates() to acquire a GSList* of
local connection type candidates. I then transmit this to the other agent
who probably does a nice_agent_set_remote_candidates() with that data (also,
he acquired his local candidates, sent them to me, and I called
nice_agent_set_remote_candidates() on those).

Now all I need to know is how you serialize whatever data is returned in
that GSList*, so I can transmit it. :) I think I'm starting to get this...

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