[Nice] Making sense of it all...

Tony Di Croce dicroce at gmail.com
Fri Aug 20 06:09:55 PDT 2010

> >Yes, you also need to call nice_agent_get_local_credentials() to get your
> local
> >credentials (username/password) and call
> nice_agent_set_remote_credentials()
> >after the remote user/pass gets exchanged.
> >And yeah, sorry, I forgot to add those to the example code.
> >Don't forget that you also need to call the nice_agent_attach_recv()
> method to
> >make sure you receive data (such as the STUN response in the candidate
> gathering
> >phase).
> >There are other things you might want to do, make sure you read the
> gtk-doc of
> >the library and understand what each method is and what it's meant for.

What service are these credentials for? Does the Stun server need login

> >> Now all I need to know is how you serialize whatever data is returned in
> >> that GSList*, so I can transmit it. :) I think I'm starting to get
> this...
> >well, the serialization, if I understand what you mean, is how you send
> the
> >candidates to the other side, right ?
> >In that case, that's not part of the ICE methodology.. you can 'serialize'
> the
> >candidates/user/pass any way you want.. one method is to put it in the SDP
> of a
> >SIP invite. You can also send it as an XML using Jingle's XEP over an XMPP
> >connection.. it really all depends on what protocol is being used to
> connect to
> >the server (SIP, XMPP, custom, other...). I'll let you decide on the best
> way to
> >do that.
> >But I'm curious, what is it exactly you're trying to achieve with libnice?
> What
> >application are you working on? and what protocol is being used behind it
> ?

I looked into GSList a bit and found a singly linked structure with a
"gpointer" member for the data. In this case, are these instances of the
"NiceCandidate" struct being returned to me?

Right now I'm just in the research phase. My goal is a custom client &
server that enables some remote administration features for my companies
range of products... Of course, there are a million more ideas this enables!

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